Saturday, July 14, 2012

bercampur baur

and yeah.wake up so early in the morning.sipping hot tea.alone.

class start in one more day.urgh.

excited?happy?stressful?anxious?all come in one package.

a lot of thinking.decision to be made.and other things that make me worry.

been listening to this one song since yesterday, over and over again.

what was said 
what was done  
as the time had a ride  
all the ways we could run  
all the things we could try oh my, 
could you tell me where this is going to lead?

and all the lights are shining on the sea  
as the rolling waves crash along the beach
and our minds were meant to sail  

take a rest from our thoughts 
take a break from this world  
and we'll feel miles away 
from the places that we used to be

i have hope and faith.
i close my eyes.and i know its real.
hold my hand.lets do this.
i put my trust on you.

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