Thursday, October 23, 2014

life is a mess but we move on

esok graduasi.
esok balik rumah rawang jugak.
but actually menyampah jugak la (not-to-be-racist) tapi.
kenapa kaum tu sesuka hati tukar dari khamis-ke-rabu.
menyusahkan orang jelah, tak pasal-pasal aku kena tukar tiket flight.
melebur gitu je duit aku.haih.
its okey la,asalkan aku dapat balik rawang dengan gembiranya.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

hello october

someone's birthday is comingggggg~

after 10 years..if u know what i mean?*cheeky smile*
come on..
opsssss..did i spill it out?

more unicorns and rainbows years ahead i must say
kan dah cakap before this.
there must be a reason for everything that happened in our life.
...and the hardest part is to find the reason behind it..
or  we may not find the reason but lucky enough to know later on that God not always give you what you want but always give you what you need in your life
so have faith with Him.

and i'm very grateful for who I am today..
special thanks to someone special coz u never give up on me and i've finally realized that you're always there for me and always the one who stand up for me
and i will never let you go again.

10 years.
lets celebrate it.
lets do this!

#nowplaying Never Let Me Go by Florence + The Machine