Thursday, February 19, 2009


Today, as usual, during english class my beloved english teacher will always love to share with us some motivational or inspirational stories or advices to us..

But for this time, she said common things for us to do at this moment as the final exam is just less than 3 months from now..for examples:-
-Take a good care of your health
-Keep a good relationship with people around you(parents, friend, teachers)

And bla..bla..things which i already heard bout it before..
But, one of her advices that caught my attention is this one:

“if you have girlfriend or boyfriend, please don’t dump or jilt her/him during this moment…wait her/him to finish up her/his exam to the last day..
then only you can do that on that last day…maybe during this time she/he’s really need your support, but suddenly you left him/her without strong reason…you’ll never know what will happen to her/him if you do that..”

And the whole class start to burst into too..
i think this part can also be apply to anyone who feel she/he is having bf/gf who will going to face big examination..
apa salahnya kan..tunggu je la she/he habis exam dulu..
dan lepas tu..boleh je nak dump kan dia..kan..kan??
bertolak ansurlah sikit..
manalah taw, she/he really need u to be by her/his side..
here, the meaning of by her/his side,
doesnt mean u have to be with her/him all the time..
cukup je sekadar brtanyakan camne hari ni..ok ke study..
untuk mnunjukkan yg u care kat die..walaupun sbnarnya langsung tak pon..
am i rite to say all of these things..'s all about menjaga hati..
menjaga hati sendiri & orang lain...
think bout it..


asmaasolehah said...

betul apa yg pn noraini tu ckp....

fieqa said...

cute post nie..kui3~

s.e said...

koada nak dump sesape ke? hahahah. sabar2! =P

..alicia-rnro.. said...

asmaa-ceitt~ni bukan asmaa yg komen sbnarnya..hanisah@emosah yg komen gune laptop asmaa..huaa2..

fieqa-ape yg kiyutnye dik??..huhu~

S.E-ape la yg ko merepek ni??..diz post is dedicated to those yg ade bf/gf je laa..muke aku cam ade kapel ke??..plz laa..aku single ok!~

syasya said...

omg. thas what she said to me!

..alicia-rnro.. said...

is she knows anything bout you n him??..ahakz...

syasya said...

not that much :)

..alicia-rnro.. said...