Friday, January 16, 2009

it is okay...

i dont hav friendster account..
that is not a weird thing right?
it is not a big thing anyway..
just keep ur mouth shut plz..

yesss..i do have facebook..
the reason?the reason why i delete my friendster account
but create another account in facebook..
aiyaa..why are you so bother bout it..
i didnt see any wrong of doing it..

do you expect me to tell the whole story which is nothing..
seriously i just want to release myself from certain things..
it doesnt mean that if you want to have facebook account,
you must have a strong reason behind it..
plz la..mind your own business, people..
after all..i love my life now
without anyone who are trying to tell you to do this and that
or even not to do this and that..
which you can called him/she as special boyfren or girlfren anyway
enough of it..

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