Sunday, January 18, 2009

percubaan ke-2 kali yg gagal...

i was a little bit upset when the nurse said that,

"you cannot donate your blood becoz your level of hemoglobin is not enough.. bla3..bla3.."
it was second time of not succesful trying anyway..
the first one was last year during semai bakti project(CAS thing)
i really want to feel how does it feel when
you are donating some blood to other people.
i am not afraid at all of that needles like some people
who are refuse to donate blood bcoz of that reason..

it's okay..i will try harder next time
in order for me to be accepted in donating blood..


Anonymous said...


try harder~!

put more haemoglobin into ur body!
:P how? oh, I've no idea about it.

people said, eat some liver. but u know rite, it's not good to eat that such things of food. maka?

selamat meng'donate'~!

emosah said...

mkn bnyk2 daging ngan kerang....
pas ni, 3 beg darah ko bleh derma tau...

..alicia-rnro.. said...

miminapis n emosah..
thanz 4 da advices..
mmg tgh berusaha la ni..huk2.

Faraheen Hazirah said...

samela kite..
kalo aku g, nurse tu ckp cmni..
"mkn bnyk2 dulu, nnt taun dpn dtg lg ye..."

-Shafawati- said...

Bersyukur la rose! aku ni, syarat pertama dah gagal. berat badan kena lebih 45 kg.

..alicia-rnro.. said...

faraheen-huk2..yeke..same la naseb kite eyh..