Friday, August 29, 2008

all the best

my dear little sister...rose linda will be sitting for her major exam, PMR this year..

(this photo was taken at her school, mrsm kuala klawang)

i know you can do it, linda..
i pray for your succes..

all the best for u..

lots of love..from your sister..


hazmi damien said...

my bro also will be siting for pmr..
hope ur sis do well r..
n to my bro too...

Muhammad Hilmi said...

rupenye family ko name sume start ngan rose eh?
then, len kali aku panggil ko NINA...

eM-BerG said...

biler ekk pmr?

alicia keys said...

hazmi-yeah..lets pray 4 them..really hope they can do well in the exam..

hilmi-ngade r ko!jgn ngade nak panggil aku cmtu..fmly aku je leh pnggil cmtu

emberg-sminggu lpas raye