Saturday, December 6, 2008

twilight.. and enna went for a movie at jaya jusco yesterday..

Actually, we want to go for it straight away after the last paper, which is PAI
but it didn’t work as planned..enna had to redo her chemistry lab report bcoz of pn khomah had asked her to do so, actually since before the examination week started.
but she just refuse to do it and planned to do it last minute,
on the last day of school..making our plan didn’t work well..

But I am just fine and ok bout it, becoz during my time waiting for her to complete her lab report, I manage to packing my stuff for the holiday..yeaay~

I would say that it is lucky for both of us, because during waiting for the cab in front of the koop, there’s already two juniors were also waiting for, we just asked them if they don’t mind for both of us to share the taxi to the terminal 1 (yeay, dpt jimat duit~)..

basically, we had planned to walk to the terminal 1 and from there
we want to get a taxi to j.jusco..but, as we arrived at term 1,
we changed our plan to go there by bus..
i know it is sucks n horrible to ride on public transport, but we just ‘redha’ although we had to stand up all the way in the crowd bus..
we try our best to reduce our spending..and I thing we are successful of doing it, as the buss fee is only rm 3.60 per person compare to rm 13.00 for the cab..
plus, both of us had free ticket to watch any movie that we want at the cinema…yeaay..duit tak mengalir kuar sgt….
We decide to hang out together just bcoz we want to have fun as the exam is over (yeah..i know it still not over)

Me and enna had a really good and great time together..hahaha..actually,
it is my third time to jusco and diz is my 1st time to go there with my lovely friend as the two times before was with my family..

personally, i feel twilight is a great movie..a movie based on novel..i love every part when bella and edward(the vampire) are together..
rase nak bercinta ngan vampire pon ade gak..muahaha..

then, we went for window shopping..
i only bought two nice t-shirts bcoz it is 50% off..
and also some gifts and cards for orang2 tertentu punye becoming birthday..
we also went for 'melalaking' . it is like the wajib thing for both of us when everytime i chill out with enna..i think karaoke is one of best way for us to release tension..and we really feel good of doing it..

finally, we went back to college at 9.30 the entrance, we just ignore the pak guards who were staring at both of us...sape suruh balik lambat kan..
but, we didnt giv a damn bout it..

smpai bilik..sgt penat.. i was mad when i found out that internet connection dah x de..aiyaa..wireless koop dah x de..buhsan2 teramat..tengok greys anatomy season 3 smpai 4 episode smbil packing2 barang utk balik umah...


hazmi damien said...

i ve watched it gak cite tu..walopun x logik langsung.layan jer r..
korang g j.jusco kat ne?

rose said...'s true.
seriously, if ikut logic akal..
mmg tak logic lgsg..
erm..jaya jusco kat seremban 2..